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A fictional hard ball negotiation for D-Will's soul

"Suits" is a drama that airs Tuesday nights on USA Network. It's about a law firm in New York and in the first episode, the firm represents Deron Williams in a negotiation with the Nets. Remember this is fiction, sports fans.

In the scene on the show's website, the lawyer/agent confronts a Nets official in his Brooklyn office and demands that a Nets official give D-Will a big raise. The official resists and the lawyer threatens that D-Will will not show up for a critical playoff game. (Perhaps he will get a migraine?) The Nets official caves and gives Williams three times his current salary. Cool!

We can't figure out who the Nets official is. He's too short (and too American) to be Mikhail Prokhorov; too heavy (and too American) to be Dmitry Razumov; too short and too pale to be Billy King; too bald to be Brett Yormark; too dumb to be Bruce Ratner. Thelawyer/agent is too blunt to be Jeff Schwartz. And the only "Suits" D-Will wears are by Bonobos (shameless plug).

Anyway, the most interesting aspect of the episode is that the Nets are the focus of it! In the past, this would be about the Knicks and Carmelo. Oh yeah, the commercial that precedes the episode is the Sirius ad featuring Jay-Z in his Nets cap.