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Brooklyn Nets still have "high interest" in Bojan Bogdanovic

Bojan Bogdanovic

The Nets were very disappointed they didnt get Bojan Bogdanovic this summer, although Andrei Kirilenko was one hell of a "Plan B" or as one team insider put it, "Plan A+." Whether it was Fenerbahce's unwillingness to reduce his $2 million buyout or his willingness to play for top European coach Zeljko Obradovic or a combination, it didn't work out. One might think the Nets would have diminished interest in the 6'8" shooter.

Not so. A league source familiar with the team's strategy says the Nets "still have a high interest in him." They will continue to scout him at a high level, both in the FIBA Eurobasket this summer and the Euroleague in the fall. They also "hope to bring him over as soon as possible." The Nets retain his rights in perpetuity.

How soon of course is the question. Bogdanovic's contract with Fenerbahce runs out a year from now, but word out of Istanbul is that he will sign an extension. If he does, the next question will be whether there's an "NBA out," when does it kick in, and how much will it cost him to get out. Ideally, for the Nets, the buyout will be small. The Nets, under league rules, can pay up to $575,000 to Fener. He would have to pay the rest.

Bogdanovic has been non-committal about his NBA future, telling a friendly reporter, that his arrival in the NBA is not his highest priority. Igor Marinovic tweeted Monday...