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Jason Kidd pleads guilty to DUI. Can he avoid suspension?

Brooklyn Nets/Adam Pantozzi

Is it possible Jason Kidd won't even be permitted to attend the Nets first two games this season? Of is it possible he won't be suspended at all? Kidd pleaded guilty at Tuesday. Normally, that would mean suspension, probably for the two games at the start of the season. Normally, under league rules, team personnel suspended by the NBA can't even attend games for which they are suspended. But there is a wrinkle in the case that could leave him with what his lawyer calls a "non-criminal settlement."

According to Mike Lupica, Kidd has agreed to speak with high school students about the dangers of alcoholism. If by the time he's sentenced in October, the prosecutor and judge believe he's fulfilled his commitment, the guilty plea could be vacated. Whether that would be enough to avoid suspension will be up to the NBA.

Lupica spoke with Edward Burke, Kidd's lawyer, about the hearing. Burke told Lupica that Kidd "has agreed to make school appearances on Long Island in the fall, which will be taped and can be used later as public-service announcements if the DA’s office chooses to use them that way." Then, likely in October, Kidd will return to Southhampton for the sentencing portion of his case. Burke tells Lupica that if the DA’s office is satisfied with the good works that Kidd has done between now and then, Kidd’s plea will likely be vacated at that time. "A non-criminal settlement," Burke called it.

Late Tuesday, Billy King released a statement on behalf of the Nets.

“Jason has taken responsibility for his actions, and fully realizes that he needs to grow from this experience. We are confident he will make these strides on a personal level and have a positive effect on others as well.," said the statement.