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Jay-Z: Nets season ticket holder "forever ... as long as I can afford them"

Barclays Center/Errol Anderson

In an interview with Hot 97 this week, Jay-Z talked about the end of his ownership with the Nets, saying "it ended great" and promised to be a season ticket holder, presumably courtside, "as long as I can afford it."

"It ended great. fantastic thing," said the former Nets owner. "Brought them to Brooklyn. Everyone trying to trivialize my involvement in the Nets to a percentage. The Nets are great, man, sweet, wonderful players."

At concerts and in his lyrics, Jay-Z criticized those, particularly the New York Times, for publicizing his holdings, which have been placed at between 1/5th and 1/15th of one percent. He had to dump his holdings once he decided to represent professional athletes. Indeed, the Brooklyn-born rapper was involved in a number Nets design projects, including the team logo, uniform jersey and the interior spaces at Barclays Center.

Asked if he was keeping his courtside seats, Jay-Z didn't hesitate. "Definitely forever! Brooklyn! As long I can afford them!"

Considering he's worth nearly a half billion dollars, that should be a while.