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Jason Kidd: John Welch to run offense, Lawrence Frank defense

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

During the summer league games, Jason Kidd has sat between Lawrence Frank, his former head coach with the Nets, and John Welch, George Karl's former righthand man in Denver. And he tells Tim Bontemps, there's a logic to that. Frank, he says, will run the defense, Welch will play a big role on offense.

"We’re talking this week and I’m trying to share the vision I have, and that’s one of the formulas that we might have — break it down where [Frank] could do defense and John does the offense and I’ll oversee and pipe in on both."

"Lawrence is great," Kidd told Bontemps. "He has the total package. He’s been an assistant. He’s been a head coach. You look at John, he’s been around one of the best that’s done it in George Karl, and if you look around he’s been with [longtime NBA assistant Tim Grgurich], he’s been at UNLV and Fresno State with [Jerry Tarkanian], so he knows what it takes to be successful."

Welch's hiring hasn't been announced officially, but he's been working with players both at PNY Center and in Orlando since last week. After Karl was let do go and GM Masai Ujiri headed to Toronto, Welch decided to move on as well.

Kidd also told Bontemps that he expects the veterans on the team to hold everyone accountable ... and buy into his vision of ball movement and defense.

"With the makeup of this team, once the roster is done, in house you will have guys who will always be accountable, holding other guys accountable and keeping them in line and reinforcing that we don’t always need you to score 20 to be successful," he said.