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Andray Blatche happy to be back with the Nets


Andray Blatche can sign a new contract with the Nets Wednesday and is expected to do just that, a two-year vets minimum deal with the second year a player option. The combination of the minimum salary paid by the Nets and his two years of amnesty payments still due from the Wizards guarantee the 26-year-old $18.5 million over the next two seasons.

Why is he coming back? That's easy, says Blatche. It's about loyalty and the possibility of a ring for Brooklyn.

"[The Nets] took me in last year, gave me the opportunity to come back, and I wanted to show the love back. I was on my way out of the league, and they had to take a chance on me, and they did," he told Mike Mazzeo. "They showed a lot of confidence in me, they gave me a chance to come back and I made the choice."

Blatche said he could have gotten more money elsewhere, but he was happy in Brooklyn, where he thinks the Nets can win it all. Blatche spoke at the Nike Pro City tournament at Baruch College.

"The trade just made us into a better team and with those pieces it looks like we can get to the championship," Blatche told @procitynyc – the official Twitter feed of the league.