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Andray Blatche is staying with the Nets

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According to Peter Vecsey, Andray Blatche has decided to re-sign with the Nets. Howard Beck of the Times confirms, tweeting that Blatche will sign a one-year, $1.4 million contract.

Just before Vecsey broke the news, Nets fans were treated to this confusing sequence....

First, Chris Broussard tweeted that the Clippers and Warriors were also interested in the free agent big man.

A half hour later, Vecsey tweeted Blatche was staying...

Then, minutes after that, Beck chimed in with the details.

Blatche will be paid a total of $8,876,820 next season, most of it from the Wizards under a complicated formula the league set up for amnestied players. If the Nets or another team had offered him the mini-MLE, his combined salary and amnesty payout would have reached $9,780,519. The options are laid out here. By signing with the Nets, Blatche will have his Early Bird rights next July and be eligible for a new contract up to four years and $25 million.

Earlier today, the Nets front office and coach Jason Kidd met with Blatche, who spent last season as an important part of the 49-win Nets and was the team's top off-season priority. Brooklyn was long believed to be the favorites in signing the 26-year old, but when the Nets traded for Kevin Garnett last week, a new element was added to the mix. What it might have come down to, actually, is opportunity.

Right now, that would appear to be Brooklyn where he'd likely be the first big off the bench behind Garnett, a who Blatche has called his idol, and Brook Lopez. Both averaged only 30 minutes a game last year, KG because of his age, Lopez because of his foot (and because P.J. Carlesimo used a lot ot Blatche at center).

The Nets were the only team to offer Blatche a contract last summer after he was cut by the Wizards. He rewarded them by averaging 10 points and five rebounds in a back-up role ... and finishing 14th in PER. Throughout the season, Blatche spoke of his loyalty to the franchise.