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If not Kyle Korver, Is Marco Belinelli on tap? And what about Bojan Bogdanovic?


With Kyle Korver likely to get offers above the mini-MLE of $10 million over three years, the Nets are reaching out to other deep shooters to fill one of their biggest needs.

Eric Pincus of HoopsWorld reports they have interest in Marco Belinelli, the 6'5" Italian sharpshooter who has a reputation as Nets killer.

"While the Nets have interest in Kyle Korver, he may be outside of their price range. Brooklyn is deep into the luxury tax and Korver will have many suitors this offseason," writes Pincus. Earlier in the day, Marc Stein quoted a rival GM as saying Korver "was in the bag" for the Nets and Deron Williams posted an Instagram image of Korver in a Nets uniform, part of the team's recruiting effort. The two have been close friends since their playing days in Utah.

Williams, Korver and Belinelli all share the same agent, Jeff Schwartz.

Chris Mannix, without suggesting other targets, tweeted the Nets limitations are catching up to them.

The Nets continue to pursue Korver, say league sources. Peter Vecsey tweets the Nets will meet with him soon.

And there are other possibilities besides Korver and Belinelli, including Bojan Bogdanovic, Mike Dunleavy and Carlos Delfino. The latter two are free agents. Bogdanovic's agent, Marc Cornstein, told Sporting News that his client would still like to join the Nets this summer.

Bogdanovic’s agent, Marc Cornstein, told Sean Deveney that his client shares the goal of coming over to the NBA with King. “It’s still the case that he would like to come to the NBA, and the Nets would like to bring him over,” he said. “It is a more fluid situation now, though.”

Cornstein called Bogdanovic's buyout "manageable" and would not comment when asked if his client would accept the rookie minimum of $490,000 ... although Deveney said he seems unlikely.