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Mike Lupica: Brooklyn Nets should turn to Jason Kidd


Mike Lupica thinks the Nets would be well-served by turning to the player who saved the franchise a decade ago and name him coach.

When the Warriors needed a new coach a couple of years ago, they hired a great point guard named Mark Jackson, who had never coached anywhere. You see how that worked out for them. The Warriors played the Spurs tougher than anybody has in these playoffs, and might contend for the title next season.

The Brooklyn Nets should at least talk to Jason Kidd, not just a great point guard for this time in basketball but for all times, about being their next coach.

Lupica also points to another top NBA coach who went from player to head coach, with only a broadcasting gig between them. Doc Rivers, he notes, did well with the Magic after an injury-shortened career.

Is Kidd interested? Lupica doesn't know. Is Billy King interested? No indication he is. But Lupica thinks both of them should be. He does note that the two are meeting next week.

Kidd might not be ready to go from the grind of playing to the grind of coaching. Or could be looking for a soft place to land in broadcasting. He is retired for only a few days, but must at least be looking for ideas about what he should do next. It is probably why he is meeting with his old friend Billy King, the Nets general manager, next week to talk about all that.

>Who knows where that conversation will lead.