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Peter Vecsey: Brian Shaw "prefers" Brooklyn, but "unsure offer forthcoming"

Christian Petersen

In the intriguing tweet category Friday, Peter Vecsey wins with tweet 1 and 1A ...

Let us count the ways the tweet is intriguing :

--It suggests that the Nets are in the lead for Shaw, something that's not been reported;

--it raises the possibility that the Nets aren't as interested in Shaw as Adrian Wojnarowski and others have reported.

--And if not Shaw, then who? ...or who else?

Less delphic was this tweet about Lionel Hollins' chances of becoming Nets coach, from just before the Shaw tweets.

As part of Vecsey's late night tweet-a-thon, he engaged in a discussion with former NBA player now Hoopshype writer Eddie Johnson. After an initial exchange, they protected the rest of the conversation, going all secret-skinny on us. Subject? What else? Mystery Man. Here's what was public.

Vecsey, who's known to have good Nets sources, has provided the only news, so far this Friday morning, on the Nets pursuit of a new coach. There's no reports on whether the Nets will be meeting with any of the candidates and there may not be much more. The Nets brain trust, or a large part of it, is in Treviso, Italy, outside Venice, for the Adidas EuroCamp.

Stefan Bondy writes that the Nets lack of interest in George Karl --and limited interest in Lionel Hollins-- reflects what Shaq said about hiring decisions: time for a new generation: " A source said the Nets are looking for a "fresh face," which would also indicate Shaw is higher on the list than Hollins," wrote Bondy.