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Shaq: Nets, Clippers should hire Brian Shaw rather than "re-cycle" old coaches

Jed Jacobsohn

Shaquille O'Neal gave his endorsement to Brian Shaw's coaching candidacy Wednesday, saying, "I’m sick and tired of these coaches getting another chance before these other up-and-coming guys."

O'Neal who was Shaw's teammate for four years, during which the Lakers won three titles. He didn't differentiate between the Clippers and Nets.

"I’d like for him to get the Clippers or Brooklyn job," Shaquille O’Neal told Mike Wells of the Indianapolis Star. "Make sure you put it in so they know I said it."

Talking about Shaw's value, O'Neal said, ""People need to realize this is a new era and B Shaw speaks that language. He’s my age, but he understands how it goes. He knows how the players go, how they tick. All these guys who have losing records come and try to do the same (expletive). It’s not going work.

“B Shaw is definitely a reason why I got three championships with the Lakers,” he added. “I don’t get a lot of chances to tell my favorite players thank you publicly. He deserves a thank you because he kept us out of trouble and he was the buffer between me and Kobe. I’d be bull(expletive) around and he’d get me in line. He’s the type of guy you want leading your team.”