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Kris Humphries admits personal life "a little bit of distraction;" promises better season ... if around

On Monday, Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian were officially, finally and incontrovertibly divorced, ending the Nets longest running soap opera (other than the coaching search of course)

On Thursday, Humphries sat down with Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless on First Take to talk about his career and how his personal life affected it. He admitted to Smith that "there's always a little bit of distraction with a situation like that ... "Sometimes it's a tougher situation within the team as well." He did not elaborate.

Humphries admitted he didn't play as well as he could, but "next year, I'm looking to come back" and added that next season is his contract year

He acknowledged trade rumors, but said he'd like to be back. "Obviously, if it's a good situation in Brooklyn, I'm excited to be there," Humphries said in an answer transcribed by The Brooklyn Game. He then noted the reality of NBA trade talk. "Guys in the last year of their deal, making a lot of money, a lot of times find themselves in trades, so if that happens, you want to go to a good situation. I've always been told, control what you can control."