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Does George Karl qualify as a "mystery man" candidate for Brooklyn Nets job? Nope


For the past couple of weeks, there's been rumors that the Nets have a "mystery man," a "surprise" in line for their open coaching job. Suddenly on Thursday, it appeared there MIGHT be a name to attach to those two descriptions.

George Karl, coach of the year this past season, is a free agent. The Denver Nuggets, having already lost their Executive of the Year Masai Ujiri to the Raptors, have told Karl they will not be extending his contract and that he can look for new work. That new work will not be in Brooklyn, according to several reports. The Nets appear to be focused on Brian Shaw.

Adrian Wojnarowski broke the news.

Then, In a subsequent story, Woj reported that Karl could be a candidate for other head coaching openings, 'including the Los Angeles Clippers, Memphis Grizzlies and possibly Brooklyn Nets."

Woj didn't explain why the Nets would only be "possibly" interested, but Tim Bontemps and later Peter Vecsey tweeted that the Nets are NOT interested.

In a subsequent article, Bontemps reiterated the lack of Nets interest, citing a "league source." The reason: "His career playoff record is 80-105, and he's lost in the first round 13 of 21 trips, including this year."

Woj added Thursday afternoon that the Nets will not pursue Karl, that they are focusing on Brian Shaw.

Even if the Nets don't pursue Karl, his arrival on the scene will effect the Nets search, wrote Bontemps.

The biggest impact Karl’s newfound unemployment seems like it will have on the Nets opening is in increasing the competition for the top coaching candidates on the market. The Nuggets now rival both the Nets and Clippers for having the most desirable job on the market,

Indeed, Ken Berger tweeted the Nuggets have asked the Pacers for permission to interview Shaw.

Meanwhile, Marc Stein of ESPN suggested that the Grizzlies and Nuggets could wind swapping coaches.

Dizzy yet?