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Adrian Wojnarowski: Brian Shaw is "Nets top coaching target"

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

After all the speculation about the need for a veteran coach or the presence of a "mystery man", are the Nets now focused on Brian Shaw, the youngest of those prominently named, an assistant and hardly mysterious?

In two tweets, back to back, Wednesday, Adrian Wojnarowski reports the Nets have permission to talk with Shaw, the Pacers top assistant and that he is now the "Nets top coaching target."

In a separate story, Woj added,

Nets president Billy King is expected to meet with Shaw shortly to discuss the job and an offer could be forthcoming, sources said.

Pacers officials say that King has done an inordinate amount of research on Shaw over the past several weeks. Pacers president Donnie Walsh worked with King years ago with Indiana and has kept a close relationship with him.

Memphis coach Lionel Hollins is also under consideration for the Nets job.

In a tweet, Indianapolis News beat writer Mike Wells reiterated the research angle.

No one is yet suggesting that Shaw, who is also being pursued by the Clippers, is the Nets only candidate or that the "mystery man" is a myth, just that as of now, according to Woj, Shaw has moved to the top of the list.

The Nets chief competition, at least at this point, appears to be the Clippers and Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times reports someone from the Clips has already spoken to him.

The Clippers spoke to Shaw last week and then officially got permission from Indiana’s management Tuesday to interview him after the Pacers lost Game 7 of the Eastern Conference playoffs to Miami on Monday night.

Shaw has five rings as a Laker, three as a player and two as an assistant to Phil Jackson. In the most recent poll of NBA GM's, Shaw was voted the NBA's top assistant coach and he has won plaudits of Pacers GM, coach and players.