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Chad Ford's Latest Mock Draft: Brooklyn Nets Select...

Andy Lyons

In Chad Ford's latest mock draft he's made a few Nets fans pretty happy, as he has them selecting Louisville big man Gorgui Dieng.

The 6-11, 230-pound big man has become a popular name among Nets fans who feel like the team needs to go out and grab an athletic, defensive, NBA-ready big to come off the bench behind Brook Lopez. And, according to Ford, Dieng is just that guy.

He writes:

Analysis: The Nets got a great season out of Brook Lopez, but they don't really have a credible backup for him. Dieng's play in the NCAA title game gave him a big boost in his draft stock. Not only can he block shots, but he's also a surprisingly good passer and is developing a nice face-the-basket game. Maybe more important to the Nets, he should be able to play right away.

Dieng, who is 23 years old, averaged 2.5 blocks and 9.4 rebounds in his junior season in Louisville.

Here is the DraftExpress scouting video on him: