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Brooklyn Nets pushing Coney Island store

Brett Yormark is always pushing new frontiers in marketing the Nets and the Coney Island store is just the latest. Any other team have a beachfront operation selling team-branded beach balls? We think not.

Now that the store has been open for two weeks, the team is pushing the idea beyond the casual beachgoers. It's encouraging fans to get on the subway and travel there to pick up Nets gear not available elsewhere. The intrepid Alyonka Larionov boards the D train at Barclays Center for the ride south to the Coney Island stop ... and a quick tour of the store with Terrel Kirkham, the Nets marketing director.

What's next? Yormark has talked about more Nets kids apparel and also, a Spanish-language website (to go along with the team's expanded Russian language site.)