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Jason Kidd to meet with Andray Blatche Monday as free agency opens

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Mazzeo reports that Jason Kidd will meet Monday morning with Andray Blatche to convince him to stay with the Nets another year. With Keith Bogans traded to Boston and C.J. Watson deciding to opt out of his contract, the 6'11" Blatche is the team's leading free agent.

Blatche has been working out at PNY Center the last few weeks and had indicated he planned on returning. But after the Celtics trade, the arrival of Kevin Garnett and the drafting of Mason Plumlee, the frontcourt situation has changed. In an Instagram posting Saturday, Blatche wrote, "Thinking about my future ... where will I be?"

In 2013-2014, Blatche can sign with Brooklyn for 120% of this year's vets minimum salary. That's the most the Nets could give him without using the mini-MLE exception. But Blatche still has two years left on his amnesty payout from the Wizards. If he signs the vets' minimum plus 120%, he would make $8,876,820 next season. If another team offers him the mini-MLE, his combined salary and amnesty payout would reach $9,780,519. The options are laid out here.

Peter Vecsey tweeted overnight that the Nets need to resign Blatche for the acquisition of Kevin Garnett to make sense. Garnett's minutes have to be monitored.

Vecsey told a Nets fan that he expects that Blatche will return to Brooklyn.

The Nets were also expected to reach out to other free agents, most specifically Kyle Korver.