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Mitch Lawrence: The real winner in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes? The Nets!


It's not what you think.

Although, it makes so much sense. So much. As Mitch Lawrence writes, the real winner in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes will be -- and already is -- the Brooklyn Nets.

He explains:

They’re not going to get him — there’s no way they can — and Brooklyn fans have to love the fact that he won’t be taking up permanent residency at Barclays Center.

Let Mark Cuban or some other owner make the cataclysmic mistake of throwing away millions of dollars on a talented head case who has never shown the drive to make himself better or win championships that we’ve seen recently from LeBron James.

The Nets, more specifically their fans, have already been through enough when it comes to Dwightmare. I believe we got up to Volume IX, or thereabouts. And now with the acquisitions of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry, there's absolutely no way the Nets get involved in Howard's decision-making process, which is supposed to conclude on July 10.

Lawrence also notes that having to coach guys like Garnett and Pierce is a much better scenario for a rookie coach like Jason Kidd than having to find a way to integrate Howard into a system, let alone a culture.

He adds:

I’d rather see Garnett crawling up the Nets’ fancy floor, at the age of 37, and there might some nights when that could happen. But at least he will be trying everything in his power to win. You understand that about Garnett, from the get-go. But with Howard, there would be times when you’d question his heart and his competitive fire. As Kobe Bryant has done.

Be thankful, Nets fans, that for the first time in several years you can sit back and watch the Dwight Howard sweepstakes unfold from afar.

There will be no connection between the Nets and Howard between now and July 10 -- none. And for that, the Nets have to be considered winners. Right?