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Are the Nets really interested in bringing in Jason Collins?

Bruce Bennett

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Nets are interested in signing free-agent center Jason Collins, who was drafted by the Nets in 2001 and stayed with the team until 2008.

This would be a reunion of sorts as Collins played with Nets head coach Jason Kidd and played for assistant coach Lawrence Frank during his tenure with the Nets -- and played alongside Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett in Boston. The real issue, however, is just how effective Collins can be as a backup center. Sure, the sentiment is there, but he hasn't averaged more than three rebounds and three points per game in a single season since 2006. His Player Efficiency Rating hasn't touched double digits (let alone 6.0) since 2005.

Collins, 34, is most recently known for his bravery in coming out as the first openly gay male professional athlete. There are plenty of emotional and nostalgic reasons to bring Collins to Brooklyn, but from a basketball standpoint, his impact will not be felt on the basketball court. In the locker room and within the community? Sure. Just, he's not a an impact player.