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No surprises as Nets hire Jason Kidd's assistants

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The Nets on Friday announced the make-up of Jason Kidd's coaching staff and there no surprises: Lawrence Frank will be Kidd's lead assistant; Roy Rogers will be the big man coach and Eric Hughes as development coach. Doug Overton will remain on staff, but Popeye Jones and Mario Elie will not be renewed.

"I am very pleased to add Lawrence, Roy, Eric and Doug to my staff," said Kidd. "They collectively bring a wealth of NBA experience to our bench, both from a coach and player perspective. This combination will not only prove beneficial to me, but will be an invaluable asset to our players as well."

Kidd was been coached by two of his assistants, Frank for four years as head coach with the Nets and Hughes for two years as an assistant at the University of California.