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In Boston, it's the end of Big Three Era


It was both heart-warming and angry, Boston's reaction to the official end of the Big Three Era. An NBA championship and a visit to the Finals, some stirring moments by the "The Truth" and "The Ticket," ... all done

The big moment, however, was ugly, with Bill Simmons, avowed Celtic homer and ESPN commentator, accusing Doc Rivers of bringing about the demise of the franchise by being duplicitous on his plans, then bolting for LA-LA Land. In response, Rivers said "I would like to call him an idiot, but I'm too classy for that."

But for the most part, there were accolades and analysis, with the general belief being the Celtics had to do what they did, but others suggesting they didn't get enough and Gerald Wallace's remaining $30 million was a tough nut to swallow, as one writer put.

Here's a sampling from Beantown's best, including the Celtics Blog, who seems to have struck just the right tone.