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What happened between Deron Williams and Jerry Sloan ... latest version

Stephen Dunn

Jazz owner Greg Miller talked to Utah writers about Jerry Sloan's return to the Jazz on Tuesday, then recounted his version of events three and a half years ago when Sloan and Deron Williams got into it at halftime and Sloan suddenly quit.

The basic facts remain the same: that Sloan stepped down the day after he and D-WIll got into it over a busted play just before the half. Miller said that Sloan said simply that he had "run out of gas," and said he was retiring. Miller did bust one myth: there was no ultimatum by Sloan that Williams had to be suspended or he was gone.

Here's the AP report:

Miller said it started when Sloan and Williams got into an argument at halftime about the final play before the half. Sloan walked away from the team toward his office and past Miller, saying: "I'd like to have a word with you after the game."

Williams shot back, "Yeah, I want to be in the meeting, too."

"Do you want me to quit right now?" Sloan replied.

As the argument escalated, then-assistant coach Ty Corbin calmed Williams while Miller took Sloan aside and told him to focus on winning the game.

After the game, Sloan simply told Miller he was done and a press conference announcing his resignation was held the next day. Miller also said the decision to trade Williams to the Nets was unrelated to the dispute. Jazz officials have said they decided to deal Williams because they couldn't get a commitment from him to re-sign.