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Stefan Bondy: Brooklyn Nets inquiring about Kevin Garnett

Mike Stobe

Stefan Bondy reports that Billy King has inquired about Kevin Garnett's willingness to join the Nets ... but hasn't heard back as the Celtics sort out their future.

"A future Hall of Famer might become available, so Billy King did his due diligence and made the call," reports Bondy. However, Bondy admits Garnett and the Nets are "an unlikely pairing given the obstacles. Not only is it still unclear whether he’d agree to join the Nets -- which is what King was hoping to figure out -- there’s also a very high hurdle of negotiating an inter-division trade."

Among the obstacles are Garnett's no-trade clause and his age. By the time his contract runs out, in 2015-16, he'll be 39 years old. And as the Nets head coach knows, there can be a big dropoff in production at that stage of an NBA career.

The Celtics, who lost Doc Rivers, are now believed to be in full rebuild mode and have to decide whether to keep Garnett and/or Paul Pierce.

However, overnight, Marc Stein indicated the Celtics have yet to decide what route to take this year, that a full rebuild is just one option.