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Deron Williams says no rivalry yet between Nets and Knicks ... and then he does THIS!?


Deron Williams has talked about the nascent rivalry between the Nets and Knicks a couple of times lately.

At a Nike event in Brooklyn 10 days ago, he admitted the games between the city rivals were bigger than either side let on.

"When the reporters are asking us, 'Is it a big deal?', I think we all kind of shrug it off," he said during a Nike House of Hoops event in Brooklyn. "But you can tell, the energy from those four games this season were probably more intense than any other four games we played in."

Still, he clearly said it wasn't yet a real rivalry ... "but I think it’s forming, and as we get better and as the Knicks get better, I think it’ll be a rivalry for years to come.’"

Then, on Tuesday, he posted his first Instagram video in which he takes matters into his own hands when he spots a Knicks fan in a park near his Manhattan apartment.

"See this Knick fan over here," he says, looking at the camera, his demeanor unsmiling, almost savage. The camera then turns away from Williams toward an unsuspecting five-year-old fan. Williams bolts out of frame. Then, just as suddenly, out of nowhere, he rushes in and pushes the fan, adorned in a Patrick Ewing jersey and Knicks cap, to the ground. The Knick fan, clearly testing the NBA's no-flopping rule, rolls (and smiles) after hitting the ground. (Stage much?)

Knick fans, reacting on Instagram, were not amused. Get used to it!