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Jason Kidd on transition from New Jersey ("a small situation") to Brooklyn ("a very special place")

Mike Stobe

Not long after he threw out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium last week, Jason Kidd answered fans' questions. In a video posted Tuesday, Kidd talks a lot about the difference between New Jersey and Brooklyn.

"Being a player in New Jersey, we had a talented team, but it was a very small situation in New Jersey and now seeing that the Nets have moved to Brooklyn, we have the Barclays Center. you can see the excitement about the Brooklyn Nets. So it's definitely a big jump.

"As a player, you're going, 'wow. it's incredible." When you're brought in on the team bus, then the elevator down to the stadium on the team bus.... Just understanding that when you walk on the floor ... you see the floor, the black and white ... It's just something that's just a very special place."

Kidd also reiterated what he told NetsDaily about player development, that his rotation will be deeper ... and he specifically mentioned that MarShon Brooks would get "quality time."

"Got to use the whole team to be successful. Cant just use six guys, seven guys, so I look forward to using 10 or 12 guys to be successful. MarShon and those other guys will get quality time."

As for the Draft, he's following management's mantra, "You want a guy who's athletic, who can shoot and ready to play."