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Joe Johnson: "My foot is 100 percent now" but having Jason Kidd as coach "very weird"

In an interview Friday with Alyonka Larionov on BCTV, Joe Johnson talks about his --and the Nets-- off-season. The big news, says JJ, is that his summer has been "good. I basically nursed my foot since we we got eliminated and my foot is 100 percent now and I'm back working out, getting back in shape, just trying to prepare myself for next season.

That has to be good news for the Nets considering there were some early concerns his plantar faschiitis might require surgery.

"Obviously, I'm very excited by next season," he added. "Obviously everybody knows about Kidd being our coach. So I'm excited. We've made some changes and hopefully, it will work out for the best for us."

Asked if it was "weird" that Jason Kidd will now be his coach after having played against him, Johnson said indeed it was "very weird because I've played against Kidd for 12 years and now he's going to be the head coach. It's a little different but in a sense it will be good for us, because he'll be able to relate to us probably a little more.:

Johnson was at Barclays center with his college teammates to take in the Malignaggi vs. Broner Championship Fight, noting "normally, I'm here shooting hoops."