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Brazilian mystery man gets workout with Brooklyn Nets


Alexandre Paranhos de Souza doesn't even have a Draft Express entry. What the 6'9" combo forward from Sao Paulo does have is endorsements, from Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski, among others.

He worked out for the Nets Monday, a tryout obscured by all the news from Billy King's talk with the beat writers, about Brook Lopez's surgery, the Nets desire to fill out their assistant coaching ranks this week and then late, word that the Nets were shopping MarShon Brooks, perhaps for a second first round pick.

After the workout, Woj took time from his reporting on coaching changes and the draft to offer two tweets about Paranhos de Souza.

He even offered a link to an eight-minute video!

ESPN has done TWO stories on him, one a short feature by Henry Abbott of True Hoop, noting how Leandro Barbosa and his brother initiated a writing campaign on his behalf, then a follow-up by an ESPN Fantasy writer.

Abbott wrote on June 7 about how Paranhos is typical of the late rising prospect, usually a mystery man from the lower ranks of some international league who some think could sneak into the second round.

This is where the draft gets very interesting. Mostly it's a known list of players. But at the edges, there are surprises. Some of them (remember Ian Mahinmi on draft night?) turn into real-deal NBA players. Some of them come and go without making a mark.

That's why the job of NBA GM is tough. The task is to get as many players as possible who are likely to help your team. Where does Alexandre Parnhos fall? Who knows?

Were the Nets impressed? Second hand, we hear not so much, but in this draft, taking a chance on a 6'9" player with athleticism and perimeter skills using a purchased pick may not be a risk.