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Stefan Bondy: Brooklyn Nets marketing MarShon Brooks to Timberwolves ... for pick?


Stefan Bondy, quoting "multiple sources," reports that the Nets and Timberwolves are talking about a deal that could sent MarShon Brooks to Minnesota. Bondy speculates that Brooks could be sent out west for one of their back-up point guards, Luke Ridnour or Jose Barea ... and a deal could expand to include others, perhaps even Andrei Kirilenko (or not). But ESPN suggests the Nets are looking for a second first rounder rather than a player.

Bondy reports...

Minnesota has shown interest in the third-year guard out of Providence, calling around the league for feedback and initiating trade discussions. Talks have not escalated to anything serious or imminent at the moment, according to a source. However, another source said that a proposal is on the table waiting for the Timberwolves' approval.

Bondy also noted...

The Nets pick 22nd in the draft Thursday. The Timberwolves pick 26th.

Later, however, Bondy tweeted that he doesn't know who the Nets might receive and was only speculating on Ridnour, Barea or an expanded deal involving Kirilenko.

In response, Darren Wolfson of ESPN Minnesota said the Nets are "calling everyone" about Brooks.

Just before midnight, Chad Ford and Marc Stein reported Brooks is being dangled for a second first rounder ... and that if the Timberwolves agree, they'd be willing to dump him for Minnesota's #26 pick.

The Brooklyn Nets are trying to find a home for their 2011 first-round selection, MarShon Brooks. Sources say the Nets are trying to land a second first-rounder in return. One team to watch is the Minnesota Timberwolves. If the Wolves will give the Nets the No. 26 pick in return, they'll probably have a deal on draft night.

The Nets are known to be seeking a top-flight shooter in the draft.