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Brook Lopez injury update: Will resume 'basketball-related activities' in August


he Brooklyn Nets announced that Brook Lopez had a bent screw in his foot replaced and will resume basketball activities in August.

From Billy King:

"During the course of Brook’s postseason physical, our doctors found that the screw in his surgically repaired right foot had bent. The screw was subsequently replaced, and Brook should resume basketball-related activities in August."

That's it.

There were no details given as to when the surgery to repair the screw happened. We'll continue to update if and when we learn anything new. King has a press availability today, his annual take on the Draft.

Lopez, if you recall, broke his right foot during the 2011-12 preseason opener, causing him to miss 61 regular season games.

That break ultimately required a second surgery later that season. Last season, Lopez sat seven games early in the season.


King spoke with the media, addressing the Lopez situation: