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Add Kyrie Irving to those who think Jason Kidd is a good hire


Kyrie Irving grew up a Nets fan, modeled his game after their most famous point guard. They even share the same birthday ... 19 years apart. So it's no surprise that the game's best young point guard thinks Jason Kidd was a great hire.

"He’s a tremendous leader. Obviously, Brooklyn sees something in him especially from a leadership standpoint," Irving told Fred Kerber Sunday. "He’s coming straight off the court, but I feel the last few years he was definitely a coach out there on the court. The transition, I think, will be easy for him. I’m looking forward to see how he does."

Why so easy?

"His IQ. Just watching the way he plays the game. Not many people have that niche and that feel for the game. Watching him play was a pleasure," Irving said. "He’s not the first player to come out and become a coach. ... He’s definitely opening doors for players just now retiring. Not a lot of people retire and all of a sudden become a head coach, but he’s definitely setting a good trend."

Irving wouldn't comment on rumors of a LeBron James return to Cleveland, said he doesn't think about it. Of course, if he did, even that could be considered tampering.

Meanwhile, Steve Kyler of HoopsWorld tweets that Kidd's specifics trumped Brian Shaw's generalities in their Nets interviews.