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Final payments due Thursday on Deron Williams and (hopefully) Joe Johnson deals


In the half hour before the Nets pick at #22 Thursday night, the final payments for the Deron Williams and Joe Johnson trades come due. At #18, the Hawks will use the Rocket picket the Nets traded Atlanta in the Johnson deal. Then at #21, the Warrior pick conveyed to the Jazz in the Williams deal will finally be used.

The Salt Lake Tribune takes a lot at the long road the #21 pick has taken, from 2008, when the Nets traded Marcus Williams to Golden State for a heavily protected first round pick. For five years, the pick was revised, harbored, traded, and protected until finally this year, it's being used.

"What it really does is it closes the books on the Deron Williams trade," Jazz executive vice president Kevin O’Connor told Bill Oram of the Tribune.

Of course, there could be one or two more payments on Johnson. If the Nets' first round pick in either of the next two drafts is better than the Hawks', the Hawks can swap picks with the Nets.