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Brooklyn Nets scouts gather for annual mock draft session


Mock drafts put together by draftniks at Draft Express, ESPN and NBADraft. net are always fun, but the ones that count are those put together in secrecy by the guys who actually do the drafting ... team scouts and personnel.

Starting today, reports Tim Bontemps, the Nets scouting staff will gather at the PNY Center to rank their top prospects 1 through 60 (and beyond) trying to be prepared for whatever permutations the night throws at them ... and in a draft this fluid, it won't be an academic exercise.

Khalid Green, the collegiate scout, and Danko Cvjeticanin, the international scout, among others, will have the reports they've put together during the season. Video will be reviewed on big screens and small and debates will be moderated by Gregg Polinsky, the chief scout as director of player personnel. To assure the sanctity of the process, none of the team's front office --not Billy King, Bobby Marks, Jason Kidd or Dmitry Razumov, Mikhail Prokhorov's right-hand man-- are permitted in the room while the scouting staff does battle.

"There’s so many possibilities that it’s not just lining them up, which we do, but it’s also when we line them up, which guys have fallen as you’ve ranked them, and what their promise is going forward," says Polinsky.

"You’re still looking at the talent level, and what they bring to the table, but also how they do fit with your group," Polinsky said at the completion of a recent draft workout. "[But] you’re also looking at your core guys, too, and their age."

Of course, there's room for change and with several key prospects due in this week, the final rundown will be put together not long before the Nets front office staff gathers at Barclays Center for the Draft on Thursday night. Then, it will be revised as David Stern and then Adam Silver read the names -- and no doubt announce trades. With both the Nets and Knicks having a first round pick, the Nets anticipate 4,500 fans will be gather at the arena.