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Woj: Brooklyn Nets close to hiring Roy Rogers as big man coach; talks continue with Lawrence Frank

Brooklyn Nets

Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Jason Kidd is close to hiring his first assistant coach, Roy Rogers, who worked with the Nets under Lawrence Frank, then followed Frank to Boston and Detroit, where he won raves for his work with Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe.

He also notes that the Nets are still talking with Frank, who the Nets and Kidd want as the lead assistant.

ESPN, New York Post and NetsDaily all confirmed the Woj report, with one source saying the Nets are hopeful Frank will ultimately join the staff as well.

Rogers has been one of the most pursued assistant coaches. Rogers was Brook Lopez's first big man coach, and during that time, Lopez averaged better than eight rebounds a game. In Detroit, he was known as a hands-on coach, as this video shows...