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Jason Kidd: "working as hard as I can" on Lawrence Frank

Brooklyn Nets

In an interview with Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto on Good Day New York Monday, Jason Kidd touched on a number of the same issues he talked about at last week's press conference, including his recruitment of Lawrence Frank as his lead assistant.

"I'm working as hard as I can," said Kidd. "So, hopefully he does join the staff because he would be great."

Kidd also said that "communication" is the most critical element of coaching..."communication with all the guys, not just the stars."

Kidd again emphasized that he is unlikely to get off the bench except to "talk to an official" and that the decibel level will be conversational. "This is as loud as I get... I'm not a screamer. I wont scream. i won't be screaming and yelling."

The ex-Knick said that Knick coaches and players have all called him to wish him well with the cross-town rivals including Coach Mike Woodson and Carmelo Anthony. Segments from the interview can be found on Good Day New York's interview page