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Jason Kidd wants Brooklyn Nets to be on time in practice, play hard in games


The media roll-out of Jason Kidd continues with the Steve Serby interview in the Post. Serby, who's done some of the better sports interviews in recent years, gets into with the new Nets coach, asking him about his pet peeves (players who show up late); which of his former coaches he most resembles (Rick Carlisle and Danny Ainge); what Mikhail Prokhorov expects from him (win now); the secret of seeing things happen before they did ("I tried to get in the head of my teammates"); playing with Gary Payton and Brian Shaw in Oakland (very competitive); and how his bi-racial parents protected him from racial stereotypes.

Kidd also followed up on his discussion of structure by noting that if he has to be a disciplinarian, he will.

"This is a job. You have to be responsible. I’m not gonna be a hardass, but if I have to fine someone for not following the structure or the rules, then that’s what I have to do," he said.

As for what he wants people to say about his team, Kidd told Serby, "They play hard. They’re a feisty group, and it’s a ticket that I would love to buy for years to come because they’re a lot of fun to watch."