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Deron Williams: Knicks games "more intense than any other four games we played"

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Deron Williams was at a Nike event in Brooklyn Saturday when Jared Zwerling caught up with him.

D-Will admitted that he and his teammates didn't tell the truth last season about the Nets rivalry with the Knicks. It wasn't "just another game."

"The energy from those four games this season were probably more intense than any other four games we played in," admitted Williams. "Even when we won or when the Knicks won, the way they celebrated wasn't how you would celebrate after a normal win. It definitely means much more."

D-Will thinks the addition of Jason Kidd is going to make the rivalry even more intense. Williams also spoke about his relationship with Kidd, from childhood hero to boss.

"I'm from Dallas and Jason Kidd got drafted to the Dallas Mavericks. He was my favorite player growing up," he said. "I had a chance to play against my favorite player, play with him on the Olympic team and win a gold medal, and now I get a chance to be coached by him."

Spike Lee, who was also at the event, predicted the Nets and Knicks could play in the Eastern Conference finals next season. "That would be nice," Williams said.

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