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Mikhail Prokhorov likes Jason Kidd as a "born coach" and as a "star"

Mikhail Prokhorov

The other day, when Mikhail Prokhorov was announcing that he won't be running for Mayor of Moscow and that he was repatriating his interest in the Nets back to Russia, he also responded, in Russian, to some questions about the Nets' new coach, who he has not yet spoken to.

"The point is that there are people who are born coaches," Prokhorov said, according to the New York Times translation. "It is known that Jason Kidd was, in fact, a player-coach on many teams, and he has been training for a long time. He has played under many coaches, and he has always wanted to be a coach."

"Despite all the NBA’s competitive potential, they lack a little bit of star coaches," he added. "Of course, we are very glad that now, together with our fans, we can grow up a new star and finally, naturally with the NBA [championship]."

Naturally, as in "natch" or maybe "organically." Whatever.