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Jason Kidd - Face of the franchise? YES ... as in the network

Brooklyn Nets/Adam Pantozzi

Bob Raissman of the Daily News asks an interesting question: Is Jason Kidd now the face of the Nets franchise? He answers it, too, with a resounding yes, or more appropriately, YES, as in the network.

Raissman, the sports media writer at the News, says don't be surprised if you start seeing Kidd's face on YES broadcasts of Yankee games (and Kidd will be throwing out the first pitch next Wednesday at the Stadium). YES, he notes, is still way behind MSG in local TV ratings of NBA games, despite impressive increases in numbers and ratings records. In fact, he notes, last season, the Nets averaged a 0.96 rating (71,000 households) compared to the Knicks’ 3.12 average rating (230,000 households).

"(E)arly in the 2013-14 season, Kidd’s presence on the bench, and the curiosity factor attached to it, will give ratings for Nets telecasts on the Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network ... a short-term boost," Raissman writes, wondering if Kidd will wind up with his own show on YES, like Mike Woodson does on MSG?

Raissman quotes Mike Fratello on Kidd's media style and his ability to handle the pressure. "I don’t see Jason as a person who is going to have trouble handling the media in his new role. He’s been through so many interviews in his life, so many important situations on camera. He’ll understand what has to be done."