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Choice of Jason Kidd will be debated all season long

Brooklyn Nets/Adam Pantozzi

Two days after Jason Kidd was introduced to the media on Thursday and a day after he (and Billy King) made the rounds of local and national radio shows, the debate --and scrutiny-- over Kidd's qualifications continue and are likely to continue throughout the season and probably through the three (or four) years of his contract.

The pundity is a little less harsh on Saturday than it was earlier in the week Harvey Araton of the Times seems to have moved from cautionary tale on Monday to begrudging endorsement on Saturday. Araton acknowledges the risk to Billy King's career as well as his fear that this is all driven by the Nets desire to surpass the Knicks, but he sums things up neatly by writing of the mutual attraction, "He had them at hello, Brooklyn."

Araton is not alone. Sean Deveney of The Sporting News calls King's hire of Kidd "desperation, an out-of-the-box move that the organization had little choice but to make." Barbara Barker of Newsday quotes Larry Brown, who provides her with a typical Larry Brown quote, ""I think it sends a bad message to hire guys who haven't coached," Brown told Barker.. "I don't think it's a good thing for our profession. That being said, I think this is a phenomenal hire. I have no doubt that Jason will do a great job."

Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal serves up a concoction of basketball, business and culture before concluding, "The Nets are on their third head coach in a calendar year, clunked out of the playoffs, and yet…there's still a sense that this is the beginning. The jerseys remain cool. The sandwiches are good. But that can't be enough. Now here's Jason Kidd—said to be ready, as always, to handle the basketball."