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Reggie Evans on Coach Kidd: "He's the package when it comes to the NBA"

Bruce Bennett

The first Nets player, other than Deron Williams, has reacted to Jason Kidd's hiring.

Speaking with Jared Zwerling of ESPN New York, Reggie Evans used the word, "excited" more than once to describe how he felt when he got the news. (All 15 players simultaneously received a text message from Billy King on Wednesday night announcing the hire.)

"I was very excited. I feel like it's the beginning of a new era. I feel like it's a whole new movement for the team, and the NBA in general. I think it's great for the NBA. It's almost overwhelming," Evans told Zwerling. "He's the package when it comes to the NBA. It's his knowledge, his vision, his leadership, his sheer love of the game, the passion he always exuded as a player throughout his career."

Evans said he thought D-Will and through him the entire team would benefit from Kidd's tutelage.

"I'm most excited about the impact that it's going to have on Deron, because Deron's relationships with the other players is very important to the team's success," added Evans. "The relationship of two point guards of that caliber should help our team, because we'll all be able to feed off of them so much more. I'm very excited to continue to work with Deron under that kind of leadership."