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Jason Kidd: "I'm excited for the challenge"; Nets welcome Coach Kidd to Brooklyn

Welcome to Brooklyn, Coach Kidd.


BROOKLYN - The Nets "introduced" their new head coach Jason Kidd Thursday, taking full advantage of the knowledge that he also happens to be the most recognizable face in franchise history.

A historic day in Brooklyn, indeed, as Kidd took to the podium to not only speak with the media but speak directly to the fans who welcome him back with open arms.

Kidd admitted, "Yes, I do have a lot to learn about coaching," but he said he feels like he has it in him, based on his success during his playing days as "an extension of the coach." Now, he wants Deron Williams to "be that guy." The player/coach who can lead the team on the court.

Throughout, Kidd gave Williams plenty of praise. He also made sure to let everyone know he believes that Gerald Wallace has a larger role to play, saying he could play the point forward role.

Asked what kind of game he envisions for the Nets, Kidd repeatedly emphasized that the team, his team, is going to run, share the ball and above play defense. He talked about "passing the ball ahead" instead of dribbling, "sharing the ball," and "starting with defense." When asked about the Nets problems last year, he talked about how "Brooklyn" would get to 88, 89 points and get "unplugged," saying he believed the Nets are a "100 point team."

When asked about the team's lack of toughness, Kidd said that comes with structure and leadership.

In general, he reiterated that he's "excited for the challenge," and is looking forward to taking on that challenge in building "a championship team." He called Barclays Center "beautiful" and praised Bruce Ratner for his "vision" in getting it done, somewhat of a role reversal since Kidd believed that Ratner's cost-cutting had hurt the Nets.

He also spoke about one way he had prepared for his life as a coach, starting a journal with daily notes.

"I would tell Deron (Williams) or any other player to take notes, keep a diary, because you never know where the game is going to take you," Kidd said, having ended up in Brooklyn nine days removed from his playing days. He then said that he hopes to be able to lean on his coaching staff when needed.

Kidd said, "I'm already thinking about the staff," noting that Lawrence Frank would be a "great candidate" and saying Frank should consider the shout-out a recruiting pitch.

On the search, Billy King said, "To me it is an exciting day for the Brooklyn Nets," noting that throughout the process they were looking for a coach who "resembled Brooklyn," saying that Jason Kidd embodied what they were looking for.

King also noted that Jason will have a learning curve as a first-time NBA coach. He then went on to acknowledge the risk, then saying that he doesn't worry about the risk, knowing Kidd's

Jason Kidd is the 18th head coach in franchise history, and as he notes, his vision for this team is "to win." That sounds like a fair vision to most Nets fans.