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A Danny Green clone?? Nets like Reggie Bullock

Brooklyn Nets

Danny Green is the flavor of the week, the month. The 6'7" Green has tore open the Finals, hitting three-pointer after three-pointer as the Spurs try to drench the Heat. Not bad for a kid who was taken at #46 and cut twice by San Antonio. So it's no surprise that teams are looking for Green clones.

The Nets worked out one of the latest models Wednesday, watching Reggie Bullock, similar sized and also from North Carolina. Moreover, Bullock is friendly with Green!

"Danny is like a brother to me. I talk to him all the time," said Bullock. "He's making a name for himself. He’s become a household name for the Spurs. He’s just knocking down shots at the tight time," Bullock said. "A lot of people compare our games. If they’re comparing me to him, I like my chances because he’s knocking down shots at the right time."

Indeed, reports Kerber, the Nets liked what they saw --and what they have seen-- from Bullock as well as Tony Snell of New Mexico, another jump shooter, and Archie Goodwin, a 6'5" point guard from Kentucky who'd need some seasoning. He's only 18.

Are they good enough to be taken at #22? "I think all those guys will be considered in the first round," said Gregg Polinsky, the Nets chief scout and director of player personnel.