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Chris Broussard: Jason Kidd is the "sexy hire" Mikhail Prokhorov wanted


In talking to SportsCenter, Chris Broussard said that Jason Kidd is "clearly the front-runner" for the Nets job, that while they are giving Brian Shaw "a fair showing," Kidd checks off a lot of the Nets boxes in their coaching search, primarily that owner Mikhail Prokhorov wants to make a "splash" and "a sexy hire."

"They're going to give Shaw a fair showing, but clearly, the front-runner is Jason Kidd for many reasons. We know the Russian owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, wants to make a splash, wants to make a sexy hire. That's why he looked at Phil Jackson. Jason Kidd, obviously not with the credentials of Phil Jackson but he's a sexy hire ... and he impressed the Nets thoroughly with his interview. 1. He was extremely well-prepared and 2. he exuded confidence and a demeanor that they thought would resonate with these players.

"It's similar to, remember, Larry Bird, when he coached in Indiana, had no coaching experience. Now, he wasn't directly out of the league, took several years off, but he had a commanding presence that resonated with that team and Mark Jackson is very similar with no coaching experience before going to Golden State.

"Obviously, Jason Kidd has to get a very good assistant coaching staff and that is one of the conditions of this and that will be done, but right now, he's clearly the front-runner but they're currently talking to Brian Shaw to do their due diligence with him."

Broussard noted that the Nets are meeting with Shaw "as we speak".

"Sexy hire" or not, one of Broussard's ESPN colleagues, Magic Johnson, said of Kidd Wednesday, "Do I think Jason Kidd will be a great coach? Yes. I'd hire him in a heartbeat."