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Dave D'Alessandro down on Jason Kidd hiring

Jeff Zelevansky

Right after Jason Kidd announced his retirement, Dave D'Alessandro thought it would be a grand idea if the Nets hired their greatest player ever ... but NOT as head coach. So, now as the Kidd train picks up speed, Dave D is having his say on the possibility that Kidd will be in the lead seat on the bench next season, in fact maybe the next three seasons.

He writes Wednesday...

But if this decision is steered by this franchise’s drunken fixation on making a few back pages – which we don’t put past any team that shares the silly sandbox they all play in – then let’s just say their priorities are a bit misguided.

Kidd, for all his virtues, is not nearly as good a candidate for this job as Brian Shaw or Nate McMillan or George Karl – not now, not after Year 1, perhaps not ever. One has a box full of rings and a sterling apprenticeship, one has turned around two franchises in two tries, and one is a lock for Springfield.

Dave D isn't buying the comparisons with Mark Jackson either. The Warriors, he writes, are built for patience. The Nets are built to win now...

Their three building blocks aren’t 25, 23, 21, which is the case with the Warriors. Their main guys are 29, 32 and 31, three guys who will make $50 million next year. They can’t afford to wait for the coach to learn how to work the remote. They were built to win yesterday.

We assume Dave D forgot Brook Lopez, age 25, but anyway, here's his bottom line...

We don’t know how Billy King will frame it yet, but we’ll find out soon enough. We only know that the Nets GM is no fool, and he probably is aware of another self-evident truth related to this hire: The GM has to get it right, or he leaves with the next coach.