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Jason Kidd's desire crucial in Brooklyn Nets coaching calculus

Brooklyn Nets/Terrence Vaccaro

Various reports suggest that despite the questions on Jason Kidd's readiness as an NBA head coach, the Nets have been most impressed by how much their former point guard wants the job ... and how that desire is reflected in his decision to leave so much of Knicks money on the table.

As Fred Kerber writes Wednesday, "One phrase from several persons aware of the situation and close to Kidd has repeatedly surfaced. "Jason really wants this," and he has impressed that upon his potential bosses."

And Marc Stein quotes one source familiar with the talks as saying, "Jason can be very, very convincing in those situations."

The desire is reflected in his willingness to recruit potential assistant coaches and to present Nets brass with an in-depth understanding of the Nets roster -- and ways to improve it.

Moreover, there was Kidd's decision to officially retire and forsake the $6 million left on his Knicks contract. If he had not retired, the Nets would have had to seek James Dolan's permission to talk with Kidd. If he had instead sought a buyout, which could have netted him a significant portion of the $6 million, the Nets would have had to wait until that deal was done. Instead, he agreed to simply step aside and become a free man.

Meanwhile, Shane Battier of the Heat said beyond desire Kidd has another big advantage.

"Knowledge," Battier told Tim Bontemps. "As a coach, you have to be able to look at your team and give your philosophy and have them execute it. One thing NBA players are very good at is sniffing out frauds. If you don’t have the knowledge of the game — and I should say behind your speeches and your philosophies — players know. And once that credibility is gone, it’s gone and you can never win it back."

Kidd still has some competition. Mikhail Prokhorov reported sent a private jet to Los Angeles to pick up Brian Shaw and bring him to New York for a Wednesday interview. There are no other interviews scheduled, leaving open the possibility that the Nets could have a coach by week's end.