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Brooklyn Nets give Jeff Withey a shot at pick and pop


If Jeff Withey gets picked by the Nets on June 27, the Kansas seven-footer will need no introduction to the man he will be backing up, Brook Lopez.

"I think I’d fit in pretty well. I know Brook pretty well. We played on the same AAU team; I was a freshman he was a senior. I know him and his brother really well,’’ Withey told beat writers at Tuesday's draft workout. He pointed out that his Horizon High School won a California Division IV semi over a San Joaquiam Memorial team featuring both Brook and Robin Lopez. (At 23, Withey is two years younger than the Lopez twins.)

And the Nets might like Withey to take on some of Lopez's roles if they take him. The Nets had him out near the perimeter.

"I thought he was good, (I was) not disappointed at all," said Gregg Polinsky, the Nets chief scout, just back from scouting in Italy. "He stepped out; we had him shoot some 3s at the end, because we think that’s one of the things he can do, be a pick-and-pop 5. Those are hard to find. Obviously he gives you a presence at the rim defensively, a good solid defensive rebounder in college and he comes from a place in Kansas where it’s not done any better.’’

Another top prospect, Cal's Allen Crabbe had to curtail his workout because of an injured foot. Crabbe, a hot shooting 6'6" guard, should be okay. He and Jason Kidd share an alma mater.