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Lawrence Frank: Jason Kidd "could be a great head coach"

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The drumbeat continues.

Sunday night, Lawrence Frank, Jason's Kidd's coach for five years, told NBC's Mike'd Up that the future Hall of Famer "could be a great head coach."

"I think Jason could become a great coach," Frank said. "Think about his training: 19 years of playing, an NBA championship, two Olympic gold medals. ... [He's] one of the smartest players to ever play the game, a great leader who has a great presence. I think Jason could be a great head coach."

Frank, recently released by the Pistons, has said he has no plans to coach this season, instead spending time with his family in New Jersey.

He said Kidd's greatest accomplishment was "changing the culture" and making everyone, not just the players, better.

Point guards also rallied around Kidd, with Magic Johnson tweeting

Chauncey Billups, who Sunday received the first Twyman-Stokes Award, told Harvey Araton of the Times also endorsed Kidd.

“Obviously Jason is a guy I think would do well with that,” he said. But Araton points out all the risks associated with hiring Kidd.

Meanwhile, Marc Stein reports the Kidd meeting with Billy King will take place "early this week." Peter Vecsey reported Monday morning that King is meeting with Brian Shaw on Wednesday.