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"The Doctor," Julius Erving documentary airing Monday night

Brooklyn Nets

NBA TV will air an hour-long documentary on the career of Julius Erving Monday night at 9 p.m. ET. The doc on the Doc includes rare footage of him in the ABA, where he won two league championships and three MVP's in three years as a member of the New York Nets.

In a conference call last week Erving spoke about his two ABA rings and how he trusted the producers to give his Nets days equal value to those in Philadephia where he won an NBA championship in 1983.

"There was a trust factor that they would do justice to the effort and the accomplishments," said Erving. "That the accomplishments shouldn't be considered second-rate or disregarded; that they would be treated with respect and incorporated within the big picture."

Beyond the dunks and the drama, the documentary also shows the lone time Erving teared up on his farewell tour of the league in 1987, when he spoke to Nets fans at Brendan Byrne Arena.