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Add Lionel Hollins to the list, says Chris Broussard


It would seem strange if the Grizzlies don't re-sign Lionel Hollins as head coach. After all, Memphis is in the Western Conference semi-finals with a chance to advance. But Hollins contract is up at season's end, there are disputes on coaching philosophy and Chris Broussard tweets that if Memphis dawdles, the Nets could be interested.

Of course, the source could be Hollins agent, but as Broussard wrote for ESPN Insider earlier Thursday, the Nets coaching job is the best job out there.

He asked an anonymous NBA assistant to rank the jobs. The Nets topped the list.

"The Nets have a lot of stuff you want. The owner [Mikhail Prokhorov] has money and he's willing to spend, so you're not worried about shallow pockets. That's huge. The market you're in is huge. You'll always be able to attract free agents because of the market you're in.

"This team is already positioned to be good. They got talent -- guys that can play. The next guy that comes in can really have success. All they need is time. When LeBron James and those guys put their team together in Miami, they didn't win it their first year. It takes time. Very rarely does it happen as quickly as it did in Boston [in 2008]. Billy King does a great job, and he's committed to winning. He does a nice job of having his hands on the players, but at the same time, he gets out of way of the coach and lets him coach. Plus, they've got great facilities. And they're in the East!"