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Bojan Bogdanovic - "90 to 95 Percent" a Brooklyn Net next season, reports SNY

Bojan Bogdanovic via Facebook

Josh Newman of SNY Nets reports that the Nets two year wait for European scorer Bojan Bogdanovic is nearly over.

Newman reports, "A source with direct knowledge of the situation told on Thursday afternoon that there is a ’90-95 percent chance’ that the 6-foot-8 swingman makes his NBA debut in Brooklyn in 2013-14."

The Nets secured the rights to Bogdanovic on Draft Night 2011 in a complicated deal with the Timberwolves and Heat. The T-Wolves obtained the 31st pick in the draft from the Heat, then dealt it to the Nets for a reported $1.5 million and the Nets second round pick in 2013.

Bogdanovic, 23, would be a top pick in this year's draft, various Nets insiders have said, with one suggesting he would be a top eight pick purely on talent. He led the Euroleague's Round of 16 in both scoring and index ratings, the equivalent of the NBA's PER. He played last summer in the FIBA Eurobasket Qualifying Round and led Croatia to a 5-0 record.

"Billy loves him," the source told Newman. "I would call it a 90-95 percent chance he is with the Nets next season. This time last year, it was probably 50-50." The issue is Bogdanovic's buyout from Fenerbahce in Istanbul. Bogdanovic told NetsDaily earllier this year that it was 1.5 million Euros or $2 million. Newman says the number is closer to $1 million. The Nets can pay up to $570,000 after July 1 to buy him out. That money would not count against the $3 million in cash the Nets to get use annually in transactions.

King is not the only Nets official who's a big fan of Bogdanovic. Another Nets insider noted that Bogdanovic is a great scorer, with long arms and big hands that permit him to handle the ball well.

Mike Fratello coached against him last summer. Fratello coaches Team Ukraine.

"Bogdanovic is really a good scorer," he said, adding with a bit of a sigh, recalling the meeting between Ukaine and Croatia, "We were up 79-77 with four seconds left. He has the ball, our guy is in right spot, has his hand in front of the ball and Bogdanovic cocks it back a little, shoots it a little higher, makes the three and we lose, 80-79. He is very confident, he gets to the foul line. Fans are going to be happy when he comes over."